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How to Have a Good Conversation


Remedy Proposal In the last post I wrote about ways to damage a conversation (I am sure there are a lot more). This post will list some ways that help a conversation in my experience. start a conversation with something positive and/or a compliment. Telling someone that you are happy to see her/him never hurts, and might brighten his/her day. use a positive conception of humans. Human communication is inherently context dependent and therefore ambiguous.

How to Not Have a Good Conversation


Problem Description I experience conversations often as a non-pleasant interaction between me and another person. My natural reaction after such interaction is to avoid conversations, but lately I had to admit that this strategy has several drawbacks. First, dealing with unpleasant situations by avoidance is a questionable strategy at least. Of course, some things that one does not like are probably handled best by ignoring. For instance, I don’t like Metal music, so I simply avoid locations and radio stations that mainly play Metal.