Ghost Letters 幽霊文字


WebHook Hugo Deployment


GitHub Actions are Fun… … but it can be a bit slow sometimes. Lately, I experienced total build times of ~10 mins for my very simple blog. This is annoying when I want to fix a small typo (which happens quite often). Even on a good day the build on GitHub takes ~1 min. In contrast, on my local machine a new post is build in less than 1 sec. How is this possible?

Deploy Page via Github Action


How I deploy my blog. Just dropping the link to the tutorial here, because the original article already explains it in great details. Deploy a static site with GitHub Actions All thanks to Notes to Future Me Have 2 secrets in the github blog repo: DEPLOY_KEY - this is the private key of the server KNOWN_HOSTS - in my case it is the output of 1 2 ssh-keyscan ghostletters.

Different GitHub Accounts


Problem Description Since I try to keep some online identities separate, I often stumble into problems like “Which email alias did I use for this service?” This time a new problem popped up when I created a second GitHub account. I want to git push via SSH key and each account should have its own key (not sure why, but it feels correct). Solution Gist: Create a ssh config file that references different keys for different hosts.