Ghost Letters 幽霊文字

Enjoyable Tasks

During job interviews an evergreen question is “Tell me about tasks you enjoy” or in a similar vein “What were your biggest successes during the last project?”

I always found it hard to come up with a good answer on the spot, simply because I did not think about it before. Of course there are some tasks that I enjoy more than other tasks, but what elements do they have in common? And why do I enjoy these tasks? Lately I run into one of the tasks I enjoyed so much that I stayed late, even so there was no actual need or expectation to rush it. I simply wanted to work on the task.

What tasks do I enjoy?

I really like looking at a piece of code that feels overly complicated and find out what it does. Once the code reveals its actual purpose I like to contemplate about how could this purpose be made more obvious? The problems and possible answers are very divers, for instance: