Ghost Letters 幽霊文字

Basic Blog Blocks

When you want to host your own blog there is a bunch of ingredients you will need. While you can always go more low level (wanna write an own web server?) the general parts are somewhat fixed. You will need a domain, a server, a web server and some content. Oh, and you need to wire it all together, because each part on its own is as helpful as an unassembled Ikea shelf.

screw tool

In my case the setup went along the following steps:

These are the basic steps to publish stuff into the world wide web. Congratulations, now you are free to write whatever is on your mind. Besides the law and your reputation no one can command you differently (puh, that sounds not as cheerful as I thought in 2021… anyway, you get the message). I plan to continue this post with the juicy parts like setting up https encryption, having an actual blog, that looks decent and follows some best practices or what I deem best practices.

Stay tuned.